About the Show

DJ Naw T Boy was born in Toldeo, Ohio. Since the crib he has always loved the arts, especially music. His father was a saxophonist with Ohio groups "Mixed Company" and "Mello Decisions". His mother was a choreographer and founder of "Umuzi-Ikiya". As a child, the nawty-one was seen in the play pen next to the African drummers for his mothers dance company. But the major change in his life came in December of 1986. It was then that his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia where his father was going to attend Morehouse College on a full musical scholarship. The location of Morehouse College allowed the nawty-one to fully appreciate the arts. The Atlanta West End area introduced DJ Naw T Boy to fine art, dancing, and theater. But his love of the deep rhythms played by the live drummers for African dance companies would shape his life. He attended Booker T Washington High School where he played in the "Marching 100" bands drum section. Also at Washington High, the nawty-one would me up and coming DJ Durtekat. After graduating high schoo in 1994, the nawty-one attended college in South Carolina where he also met his wife. DJ Naw T Boy moved back to Atlanta in 1997. While driving one Sunday in the car with his wife, the nawty-one continued to comment "That song would sound good mixed with this song". His wife replied "If you think it should be mixed then why not become a DJ". So in 2000, the nawty-one did just that. At the time DJ Naw T Boy couldn't afford the equipment to DJ properly, so be started by using his wife's desktop computer to make mixes of various songs he heard and made CDs for parties he played music for. Eventually he was able to get the equipment needed to make a better mark on his DJing career. Of course, the deep rhythms he grew up listening to would come back into his life in the form of House Music. DJ Naw T Boy could play house music for hours and hours. He would lose himself in the grooves and polyrhythmic beats. And after 14 years of working odd and end jobs...DJ NAW T BOY has joined the WTNT Family. The nawty-one looks forward to every opportunity to share his love for house with the listeners of WTNT. You can follow DJ Naw T Boy on social media as well.